Artisan Films Limited - Jimmy Jib hire and media solutions in the UK


Half Day Student
Six Hours Total
Rig and
De-rig time.
Full Day Shoot.
Ten Hours Total.
Including Rig and
De-rig time.
Three Day Shoot.
Ten Hours Total
Per Day.
Including Rig and
De-rig time.

Cost Per
Hour Over-Run


Before VAT

Before VAT
Before VAT
Before VAT

 £150.00 VAT

£200.00 VAT
£480.00 VAT
£20.00 VAT

 £900.00 Total

£1200.00 Total
£2880.00 Total
£120.00 Total

All prices include the Jimmy Jib Operator, the Jimmy Jib Assistant 
 and the Jimmy Jib up to Super Plus Size (24' Reach, 30' Height).  
On request we will also arrive with the three and four wheel dolly, 
studio wheels, off road wheels and 20' of track and track wheels.  
The price also includes transport any where inside the M25 and 
ten miles outside the M25, if the transport is any further 
we will have to negotiate a price.   
We will also complete a full comprehensive risk assessment and 
recce of the shoot site preferably before the day of the shoot.  

All prices include VAT at 20%